Xenia Sobchak’s Joys

March 20, 2017

Idea & Concepts

“Radosti ot Xenii Sobchak” (Joys from Xenia Sobchak) is a variety of products (both for home and for personal use), approved or invented by Xenia. The brand sells life style, which is always unique. It is in the details: in small, but such important joys. Archventil has designed several versions of the identity development. Brandmarks are designed to reflect each time in a new way the idea of a brand with a strong personal component, working not only in general, but also attentive to the details that bring joy.

The main brandmark version is a combination of a proprietary lettering in retro style and an abstract element – the bearer of emotion (color and texture). Color can be chosen from the proposed options (pastel pink powdery, feminine, refined, but restrained / more passionate and persistent, intelligent and inquisitive orange salmon / noble and “qualitative” blue / traditional and stylish terracotta / open and ironic yellow) and can be the same for all directions. Otherwise a paradigm can be created on the basis of certain assortment themes. The pattern from the initials of Xenia Sobchak personalizes the color-assigned emotion. The movement of initials-confetti is supported by the rotating movement of the logo’s types.

Logo Official

The brandmark is a logotype a combination of a strict modern font and a personal, personalized, human style. “Joyful” emotions are a guaranteed atmosphere.


Brand location

Moscow, Russia


Branding / Logo Design

Subcontractor & Creative director

Archventil & Elena Tomlenova